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Prepare Hue-gah's Foolproof Meals

Just heat and eat

hue-gah dinners!

Let us impart a kernel of wisdom: Microwave popcorn belongs in movie theaters — not at your dinner table.

The newest, quickest route to a satisfying meal: Hue-gah (a phonetic spelling of the Danish word for cozy, hygge).

Self-taught cook Paul Hitalenko’s recipes are restaurant quality (from scratch, local when possible): lemon leek risotto with heirloom mushroom fricassee, grass-fed meat loaf with espresso glaze, gnocchi with prosciutto, curried chicken. Co-owner/potable enthusiast Dirk Bowles recommends wine and beer pairings for the dishes on Hue-gah’s Facebook.

Each vacuum-packed meal comes with a main and a side. Just follow the easy instructions (microwave or stove) and eat. Sealed packages stay fresh for two weeks.

Sno-Caps for dessert?

You’re unpoppable.

Available at Provenance Food and Wine, 2528 North California Avenue, between Logan Boulevard and Altgeld Street (773-384-0699 or provenancefoodandwine.com); 2312 West Leland Avenue, at Western Avenue (773-784-2314). For more information, go to huegah.com, $12-$15.

Photo: Paul Hitalenko / Courtesy of Hue-gah 

2528 N California Ave
bt Logan Blvd & Altgeld St
Chicago, IL 60647
Provenance Food and Wine
2312 W Leland Ave
@ Western Ave
Chicago, IL 60625