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Fresh Goods from Pedal Powered Produce Party

The apples of our eye

pedal powered produce party!

We’ve heard memorable start-up stories.

But none as endearing as that of Daniel Evans.

While searching for a way to supplement his income, Evans started crushing on a neighborhood dog walker.

A lightbulb went off: If he sold fruit on the street, he’d get to see her more. Thus, the Pedal Powered Produce Party was born.

Today he camps out at various locations selling fresh produce and oddities like fruit hammocks — more on those later — from a bicycle trailer tricked out with a boom box.

The lazier among you can order weekly or monthly deliveries, courtesy of Evans’s cyclist team. Drop-offs include fruit, veggies (or both), and gems of Evans’s choosing (exclusive mixtapes, zines). He even delivers to offices for a healthy snack alternative.

As for those hammocks? His girlfriend, the dog walker, crochets them.

Available at domesticworkwear.com/produce-party. For cart locations, follow @frtcrt on Twitter.

Photo: Courtesy of Pedal Powered Produce Party