"When It Happens to You," by Molly Ringwald

The actress releases her second book

when it happens to you!

A husband who cheats — and cheats again. A mother who doesn’t love her daughter. A boy who thinks he is a girl.

These are things that happen to other people.

Except when they’re not. Herein lies the theme of When It Happens to You, a new novel by Molly Ringwald (yes, that Molly). Her first work of fiction is a series of beautifully crafted stories that coalesce and lay bare the realities of love, betrayal, despair, and incompleteness.

Ringwald writes candidly about the lies we tell ourselves and the people we cherish most — lovers, parents, partners, siblings, kids. It’s dark stuff but wholly engaging.

We always knew she’d be more than just pretty in pink.

Available at amazon.com, $14.

Photos: Fergus Greer / Courtesy of HarperCollins