You Win Some, You Lose Some

Bioslimming body wrap treatment

bioslimming body wrap treatment!

Dimples are cute — on your face. 

If your ass resembles an orange peel, try Bioslimming. The latest attack on cellulite is unlike any spa wrap we’ve experienced.

After disrobing for measurements and pictures (every inch is tracked), we were slathered in a combination of gels and wrapped in plastic. Rather than causing you to sweat out water weight — like you do in most body-slimming treatments — the said gels activate circulation and promote lymphatic drainage, warming and cooling the layers below the epidermis.

The first half of the treatment was relaxing (thanks to the foot massage); the second half left us shivering like a piece of human dry ice. Pleasant? Hardly. But we’d choose it over running ten miles a day. 

After just one session, we saw real results: almost six inches from our arms, waist, butt, and thighs, and a significantly smoother bottom.

As for the naysayers who prefer the gym?

We say turn the other cheek.

Available at Cleise Brazilian Day Spa, 732 North Wells Street, at Superior Street (312-664-0750 or cleisespa.com). 

Photo: Frank P. Wartenberg / Getty Images

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