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elizabeth restaurant!

In the not-too-distant future, there will be babies named Noma.

We’re keen on a less obvious moniker: Elizabeth.

The boundary-breaking restaurant from Iliana Regan (One Sister pierogis, underground dinner guru, Trio and Alinea apprentice) is officially taking reservations starting this weekend.

Pick a date (it opens September 19), tasting menu (Owl, Deer, or Diamond), pay, and wait patiently for a dinner that may change the way you view food.

Seated at one of three communal tables, relish your surroundings: Are you in a fairy tale? A wintry cabin hideaway? Yes. And yes.

The Owl menu is eight to ten courses in Regan’s whimsical style. Twelve- to fourteen-course Deer is woodland influenced with a focus on foraging, fishing, and game. Diamond, 20 to 25 courses, includes higher-end delicacies (truffle, offal, lobster). Expect dishes like salad sponge, cattails and almonds, oatmeal, and the mysterious Trough of Tastes.

Pair pours with Scott Noorman’s (Alinea) wine list.

A star is born.

Elizabeth Restaurant, 4835 North Western Avenue, between Lawrence Avenue and Ainslie Street (773-681-0651 or elizabeth-restaurant.com). For a reservation, sign up for the mailing list on the home page.

Photo: Jen Moran / Courtesy of Elizabeth Restaurant

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4835 N Western Ave
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