Mia Christopher's Anthropologie Collaboration

Artsy prints that make you stand out

mia christopher!

Dear reader,

We are writing because you seem a little color blocked lately. Yes, inspiration comes and goes, but we hate to see you become such a shrinking violet.

Perk up with Mission-based multidisciplinary artist Mia Christopher’s debut collection, created in collaboration with Anthropologie as part of its Made in Kind program (a new initiative to highlight emerging talent in the art world and beyond).

Turning art into outfit began with a series of paintings and about twenty of Christopher’s “test sheets” (read: paper scraps of scribbles and splotches).

From there, the artist and a team of designers worked prints into wearable silhouettes and shapes.

Expect peplum tops, Peter Pan blouses, and simple dresses, all in Christopher’s Roy G. Biv-at-a-rave abstract patterns. The pocketed jumpsuit, splashed with stacked shapes, is destined to blow fall’s boring black ensembles out of the closet.

Hue can do it.


Available at Anthropologie, 880 Market Street, between 4th and 5th Streets (415-434-2210 or anthropologie.com), $78-$148.

Photos: Courtesy of Anthropologie 

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