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zealous good!

Tweets from the birthing room. Pets with Facebook pages.

You’ve had your fill of oversharing.

Zealous Good is an exception. The local initiative’s mission is smart and simple: to connect charities in and around Chicago (150 and growing) with donors who have what they need.

On Zealous Good’s site, peruse charity wish lists or email a list of your donation-worthy items (working electronics, sporting goods, office supplies, professional clothing, new bedding, toiletries, cleaning supplies). Zealous will match you with a charity or donation center, provide your match with pickup/drop-off information, and voila: Your good deed is done.

Come November, Zealous will launch a delivery service, along with a guarantee to have you matched within two days of your request.

Follow-up services go above and beyond. Some donors even get a report on how the charity used their stuff, complete with photos.

Now that’s an update worth liking.

Available at zealousgood.com.

Photo: Courtesy of Zealous Good