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Play with Your Food at Baume & Brix

Salt meets sweet at a new restaurant

baume & brix!

baume n. The scale used to gauge liquid.

brix n. The scale used to measure sugar content.

Baume & Brix n. 1. A playful new River North restaurant. 2. An establishment helmed by chefs Thomas Elliott Bowman (Ing, Otom) and Ben Roche (Moto).

Definitions are an afterthought when tasting Bowman and Roche’s whimsical food. Their menu is divided into four categories: explore (shareable plates for adventurous palates), summit (straightforward, entree-size dishes), divide (family-style meals, reserved 48 hours in advance, that feed between four and six people), and conquer (desserts).

Snack on braised, then lightly fried, pig tails dotted with Mediterranean accompaniments; sous-vide Duck Duck Sel is topped with its own crispy skin. Groups can dig into whole pork shoulder and capon.

For dessert, look no further than Frostie and Fries, the duo’s homage to the ubiquitous sweet-salty combo: caramelized banana, sour cherry ketchup, milk chocolate mousse, roasted potato ice cream, crispy potato strings.

We’ll weigh in: These guys are heavy hitters.

Baume & Brix, 351 West Hubbard Street, between Kingsbury and Orleans Streets (312-321-0351 or baumeandbrix.com).

Photo: Courtesy of Baume & Brix 

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351 W Hubbard St
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Chicago, IL 60654