Learn Something New with SideTour Chicago

Hands-on experiences with local experts

sidetour chicago!

If the names Carrie Nahabedian, Kara Nakfoor, Anupy Singla, Revae Schneider, and Uzma Sharif don’t ring a bell, well, we forgive you.

The top-notch group represents merely a sliver of what you’ll find on SideTour, which launched Monday in Chicago.

SideTour’s goal is simple: Find local experts in myriad fields and create experiences for groups of four to twelve people to learn something new.

Debut tours include a private tasting menu with Miss Nahabedian herself; invitations to both Schneider and Singla’s homes for cocktail-making and a six-course Indian feast, respectively; spinning 101 with local DJ Mister Joshua; a trip to Suburban Homestead founder Amy Cox’s garden for dinner and growing tips; a whirlwind visit to a costume shop with designer Janice Pytel; and a tour of West Loop street art with curator Nick Marzullo.

Your only problem?

Choosing a side.

For more information, go to sidetour.com.

Photos: Willie Chandler Photography / Courtesy of SideTour Chicago