Book Report: Noah Webster & His Words

A defining book in kids' lit

noah and his words!

Webster (as in the dictionary) is a household name. Noah Webster (as in the dictionary’s author) has, however, gotten little to no rec·og·ni·tion (n. favorable notice).

But it was Noah’s unrelenting passion for words that sent him on a journey reading nearly every book in the Yale library, and those of Paris, London, and Cambridge. He studied twenty languages and spent eighteen years collecting and defining words. In other words, not a total slack·er (n. someone who shirks work or evades responsibility).

Author Jeri Chase Ferris expertly tells his tale, weav·ing (v. to bring together into a whole) in definitions throughout the book. Illustrator Vincent X. Kirsch’s depiction of Webster includes a comically huge noggin.

Good thing, he had a lot of words to store.

Available at amazon.com, $15.

Photo: Courtesy of Houghton Mifflin Harcourt