Define Your Style with The Garmenteur

Personal styling brings you out of the closet

the garmenteur style service!

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You can describe your style in three words: Sophisticated. Classic. Elegant.

Then you cuff your ripped jeans, break out the flannel, and bless the men’s section for its selection.

Good news: Perceiving yourself one way and presenting yourself another is a common problem. Better news: Jenna DeBord can solve it. The former PR and branding pro applies her skills to your wardrobe via The Garmenteur, her just-launched styling service.

DeBord smartly finesses your closet through a range of services: During an edit, she sorts through what you’ve got and masterminds new ensembles. After helping you pinpoint what’s missing, you can purchase new pieces together or solo.

If you’re an electronic communicator (or perhaps agoraphobic), DeBord offers cyber-styling. Email her (“Date night. LBD. STAT.”) and within a few days dozens of links appear in your inbox in your style and price range. She does bridal styling, too.

We’ve got one word for her: Love.

For more information, go to thegarmenteur.com, $75-$450.

Photos: Maria Ponce / Courtesy of The Garmenteur