Election Day Encouragement


election day encouragement!

Good morning, America.

It’s the first Tuesday in November, and you’ve got a job to do.


We don’t care if you’re leaning red, blue, orange, green, or turquoise. We do, however, care that you exercise your right to check boxes, pick politicians, and earn that little sticker that shows the world you care who occupies the Oval Office.

If you didn’t watch the debates and have somehow avoided newspapers, websites, TV, and those chain emails from your dad’s conservative/liberal friend, you may want to take a second to brush up on the issues.

If you’re informed, what are you waiting for? Go pick our country’s next boss. Facebook, Buzzfeed, and that pile of laundry will still be there when you get back.

Now earn your stripes (and stars).

For poll locations, go to vote.nyc.ny.us.

Photo: Adam Kazmierski / Getty Images