Breathe Deep at Hamsa Ayurvedic Center

A passage to India

hamsa ayurvedic center!

Ferris Bueller was right: Life moves pretty fast.

Slow down at Hamsa Chicago, a softly opened ayurvedic center in North Center.

Owner Monica Yearwood lives and breathes the lifestyle she teaches — one of clarity, balance, and rejuvenation. During an in-depth consultation, she targets your dosha (ayurvedic speak for body type) imbalances, then creates a custom program to follow (detoxifying teas, dietary enhancements, meditation, readings).

If you’re smart, book Yearwood for an Abhyanga session, a luxurious massage involving hot oil application in large strokes across the body. Bliss Therapy takes it up a notch with an herbal steam. Come January, the spa menu will offer a detoxification program.

Hamsa’s yoga classes are the first of their kind in the city, designed for specific doshas to enhance stability and strength.

For when you need a day off.

Hamsa Chicago, 3807 North Lincoln Avenue, at Grace Street ( 773-697-3640 or hamsachicago.com). Book appointments online; for booking questions, email info@hamsacenter.com.

Photo: Dougal Waters / Getty Images 

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3807 N Lincoln Ave
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