Eat Turkey, Then Listen to This

Process tryptophan to these tunes

post-turkey-eating playlist!

The feast is over. It’s dish-washing time. But the sedative holiday chemical inside the bird you ate is possessing you, lighting up your pleasure receptors. Weakening your manners. Making you think “couch” instead of “clean.” Use your last shred of consciousness to listen to Scottie McNiece’s nap time playlist. He curates music for Au Cheval, Maude’s, and Bavette’s, to name a few.

“The Lemon of Pink I,” by The Books
(The hypnotic swirl of samples, sound bites, and plucked strings carries you into unconsciousness faster than a tainted handkerchief.)

“Little Martha,” by The Allman Brothers Band
(A sweetly fleeting remembrance.)

“I’m New Here,” by Gil Scott-Heron
(Nothing’s dreamier than the holy ghost of Gil Scott-Heron crooning at point blank.)

“Tonight Will Be Fine,” by Leonard Cohen
(Leonard’s Quebecoise prairie folk has you whistling in your sleep.)

“Maraqopa,” by Damien Jurado
(Richard Swift’s snare drum brushes skitter along collaboratively with the restrained chug of a dishwasher hard at work.)

“Sail Away,” by Randy Newman
(There’s no more appropriate foreground music for the Pixar flick in the background. Turn down the TV volume or you’ll run the risk of crossing the Newman streams, which can result in catastrophe.)

“Bluette,” by The Dave Brubeck Quartet
(Brubeck and soft-spoken saxophonist Paul Desmond waltz together gracefully; note the improv segment in which they complete each other’s thoughts.)

“Warm Valley,” by Duke Ellington, Charles Mingus, and Max Roach
(An elderly Duke on ivory keys works faster and more easily than a folded blanket within reach.)

“Unusual World,” by King Tuff
(Refrain: “I’m going deeper, to the unusual world.”)

“Honesty Is No Excuse,” by Thin Lizzy
(The entry of those syrupy vintage strings signifies the culmination of nap time, as Phil Lynott’s Irish-inflected soul singing energetically beckons you from slumber.)

“When You Awake,” by The Band
(A song to lift your body to. Head for the kitchen and put a pot on.)

Download the entire playlist here. For more information on McNiece, go to uncannedmusic.com.

Photo: Tetra Images / Getty Images