App-y Day: Beep & Boop

Good behavior at the touch of a button

beep & boop!

The key to getting your child to behave lies in the palm of your hand. It is:

a) A gold star sticker.
b) A half-dozen Milk Duds.
c) Your iPhone, newly loaded with Beep & Boop.

If you answered “c,” congrats! You’re in for smooth sailing. Beep & Boop rewards good behavior and discourages the not-so-good with the simple press of a button. Did she clean her room? Hit the green button. It goes beep! Wail for no good reason? Tap the red button and … boop!

Listening to the sounds is a blast (imagine the yelps of a hyperactive muppet). But the real fun is completing tasks and avoiding blunders. The app keeps a list of common beeps and boops, and you’re free to add your own. After a set number of beeps, your tyke earns a reward of your choice. Each beep eliminates one boop, which is more motivation to play nice.

Call it bribery gone techie.

Available online at itunes.apple.com, free.

Photo: Courtesy of StoryBots