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Carbo-load at Reno Restaurant

Take a gamble on this Logan Square joint


We don’t place bets lightly.

But we’d wager our savings on Reno. The casual, open-all-day joint from the Telegraph crew, located conveniently next door, is now serving.

The team makes everything in-house, from crispy-crusted Montreal-style bagels you’ll schmear with white cheddar cream cheese or whipped butter and seasonal jams in the morning, to gooey butter cake as sinful as it is satiating.

Lunch brings sandwiches such as Pine (fried chicken thigh, white cheddar, dill pickles, hot honey) and Hook (togarashi lox, spicy pickled cucumber, avocado tartar sauce); carb shunners can request salad versions.

When night falls, dive into acorn squash and raisin cavatelli, fusilli bucatini with lamb neck ragu, and bubbling thin-crust pies (Paulina: pepperoni, jalapeno pesto, mozzarella, red sauce; Beetza: shaved beets, hazelnuts, roasted garlic).

Impetus for going overboard on the hefty, affordable wine list?

What happens in Reno stays there.

Reno, 2607 North Milwaukee Avenue, at Kedzie Avenue (773-697-4234 or renochicago.com).

Photo: Courtesy of Reno

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2607 N Milwaukee Ave
@ Kedzie Ave
Chicago, IL 60647