Jump Up to This 2013 Playlist

New Year's revolution

uncanned music's 2013 playlist!

Per Scottie McNiece of Uncanned Music: “All that ‘end of the world’ talk had us ready to throw celebratory bows and mosh our way to obsolescence. Exorcise those demons by tapping into the killer currents of garage and grunge.”

“Flood’s New Light,” by Thee Oh Sees
(Known for making impassioned mobs out of immobile crowds.)

“1-2-3 Red Light,” by Apache Dropout
(These Indiana boys are bringing greasy back — wild and violent and romantic — like real-life runts of Ponyboy and Cherry.)

“October Fires,” by Wolf People
(Riffs and croons imply the same late ’60s blues-rock schooling as the Queens of the Stone Age, only more like a Woodstock daydream.)

“Beside Myself,” by The Soft Pack
(The throwback act zeroes in on the spirit of The Velvet Underground’s Loaded with catchy-as-hell PG-13 rock ’n’ roll.)

“New Direction,” by Black Lips
(Exuberant, optimistic, charismatic. A punk rock gospel song for the year ahead.)

“Borrowed Time,” by Parquet Courts
(Part one of the Andrew Savage twofer; the lead single for Savage’s latest band’s album, Light Up Gold, dropped in 2012.)

“Drones,” by Fergus & Geronimo
(Part two of the Andrew Savage twofer; Brooklyn-by-way-of-Texas’s more established act. Similarly antiquarian, with a penchant for classic late ’70s/early ’80s punk.)

“I Wanna Kill,” by Crocodiles
(All that talk about moshing your way to obsolescence? This sums it up in the poppiest way possible.)

“Elephant,” by Tame Impala
(Imagine John Lennon singing for Led Zeppelin. Australia’s sensational new vintage rock band brings that fantasy to life.)

“Let It Bleed,” by Goat
(These rabid Swedish lasses clearly have a sick obsession with Black Sabbath, among others.)

“Betty and Johnny,” by The Limiñanas
(The duo from Perpignan, France, has been kindly releasing hit after hit on Chicago label Trouble in Mind for the past few years.)

Download the entire playlist here or stream it on Spotify. For more information on McNiece, go to uncannedmusic.com.

Photo: Henrik Sorensen / Getty Images