Stock Mfg. Co. Launches

Designer collaborations? You be the judge.

stock mfg co!

Most dudes prefer not to dwell on size.

So you’ll be impressed to learn that Stock Mfg. Co., a just-launched company from five fine fellas, is all about supporting the little guy.

In a 19,000-square-foot Garfield Park factory (owned and operated by one of the five’s family since the ’60s), Stock designs and manufactures a line of dapper bow ties, printed shirts, gingham pocket squares, plaid ties, and more.

They also cull design talent and produce collaboration pieces under the name &Stock. The hook? You decide what goes to production.

First up is a sweet camera-pattern blouse (pictured) from local line Black Cap & Bibb. Next: Columbia grad Shelby Steiner’s sheer chiffon maxiskirt; pieces with Eskell and Wrath Arcane.

If 25 people commit to buy the blouse in a fourteen-day presale, the deal is sealed. You’ll get your shipment in a few weeks (delivery is free).

Everything is produced in-house, so there aren’t traditional retail markups. We think it’s the wave of the future.

Baby steps.

Available online at stockmfg.co.

Photo: Courtesy of Stock Mfg. Co.