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east troy honey!

This is going to sting: There’s a whole lot of artificial nonsense lurking in the food you eat.

Which is why we’re sweet on East Troy Honey, a Wisconsin-based farm producing additive-free nectar.

Back in 1998, beekeeper William Palmer introduced a single hive to help pollinate his fruit trees. Nearly fifteen years and 80 hives later, he’s got himself a buzzworthy business.

Seasonal varieties — wildflower, buckwheat, and basswood — are a step above your average clover. Need inspiration for using it in the kitchen? Take cues from Southport Grocery & Cafe — owner Lisa Santos, herself a Wisconsin native, recently added East Troy to the shelves.

She recommends versatile wildflower for pastries; dark, caramely buckwheat lends a molasses-like depth to cookies and coffee; basswood’s spicy, floral notes pair best with savory fare.

How many jars have we gone through?

None of your beeswax.

Available at Southport Grocery & Cafe, 3552 North Southport Avenue, between Addison and Eddy Streets (773-665-0100 or southportgrocery.com), $8. For more information, go to easttroyhoney.com.

Photo: Courtesy of East Troy Honey

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