Direct Message: Guards Band

Coachella sessions

Guards — comprised of Richie Follin, Kaylie Church, and Loren Humphrey — is a feel-good group with rock in its veins: Follin’s sister is Madeline Follin from Cults, while Church’s brother sings in White Arrows. 

Here, Church gives us the scoop on everything from her inner fire-breather and California craving, to her outfit (it’s a For Love & Lemons dress from Thompson Fifteen, in case you were wondering).

Where are you from? L.A.

Describe your sound in six words or less. Psych pop rock

What’s your favorite candy? Sour Patch Kids, Haribo Bears, Hi-Chew. I love candy!

What’s your drink? Red wine

If you could perform with anyone living or dead, who would it be? The Shangri-Las

Who takes the longest to get ready? Richie

What is your favorite California fast food chain? Cactus 

If you weren’t in a band what would you be doing? Directing videos/films. Doing anything film-related, really.

What’s your spirit animal? Dragon

How do you entertain yourself on tour? Netflix, HBO Go, Rdio, Spotify, Beethoven … and right now my Grace Coddington book.

Do you have a preshow ritual? Our Coachella preshow ritual is duct taping flamingos on stage and setting up our fog machines.

What’s your favorite song to perform? “Your Man”

Guards performs at Coachella on April 20. For more information, go to inguardswetrust.com.

Photo: Shaun Regan for DailyCandy