Pitchfork Festival Takes Us Way Back

We get nostalgic for Gap ads, “Chappelle’s Show,” and childhood crushes

The homegrown fest has a way of catapulting newbies into the limelight (case in point: Kendrick Lamar, Grimes). This year, though, we’re geeking out on the indie mainstays and larger-than-life headliners that sound tracked our wonder years.

Reminisce with us.

Bucky Done Gun,” by M.I.A.
This jam from the Arular album equals the summer I spent styling a modeling agency’s latest group of newbies for, basically, pennies on the dollar — from sunup to sundown. I can’t complain: The music was killer. — Tiffany Davis, Everywhere editor

Little Drummer Boy,” by Low
Being glued to the boob tube as a kid; the slow-motion snowball fight that was Gap’s holiday commercial. — Stephanie Almazan, editor

The Whole World,” by Outkast, featuring Killer Mike
I fell hard for Big Boi and André 3000’s crazy creativity and spirit fingers in high school, and this song marked the start. In Killer Mike’s middle verse, he raps “I catch a beat runnin’ like Randy Moss,” and, damn, that’s accurate. — Jordan Blumberg, New York editor

This Could Be Love,” by Solange
She was the rebellious little sister; I remember the big news back then was about her teenage wedding. — Karen Clark, Web editorial director

The Seer Returns,” by Swans
I found out exactly what makes them so powerful when I saw them at All Tomorrow’s Parties a few years ago. It’s the type of music that not only makes your ears ring but makes your chest shake involuntarily. Loud is an understatement. — Shaun Regan, music photographer

Cannonball,” by The Breeders
MTV playing music videos and nothing but, tape decks, garage bands, trying to figure out the words to that Letters to Cleo song, “Here & Now.” Oh, and A Walk to Remember, of course. — DeAnna Janes, copy editor

Ignition Remix,” by R. Kelly
Watching Chappelle’s Show’s crude remix with my five guy roommates. And then watching them reenact it every day for a month. — Larkin Clark, advertising and commerce editor

If She Wants Me,” by Belle and Sebastian
Painting my first off-campus apartment in college with my best friend and roommate, volume on high, while wearing skirts that could double as tapestries. — Emily Fiffer, senior Chicago editor

Venus as a Boy,” by Björk
The scruffy TA for a summer photography class I took in high school always blasted Debut in the dark room. I started describing my underexposed portraits as quirky in critiques, because Björk made that a thing pre-New Girl. Plus, her antics made for a good icebreaker when I’d spot the TA next to the dumpsters smoking Black Cloves. — Lauren Holloway, editorial assistant

Night Falls on Hoboken,” by Yo La Tengo
The New Jersey-based band recently played its final show at soon-to-shutter Maxwell’s, a Hoboken mainstay for live music. As a fellow New Jerseyan, I know I’ll feel wistful (for eighteen minutes straight) whenever I hear this. — Stephanie Almazan, editor

Pitchfork Music Festival, Friday to Sunday, at Union Park, 1501 West Randolph Street, at Lake Street. Tickets ($50 per day) at ticketweb.com. For more information, go to pitchforkmusicfestival.com. Stream the playlist.

Photos: Niky J. Sims; Peter Pakvis; David Corio; Jim Dyson / Getty Images

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