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Celiacs, Rejoice at Cookie Bar

Wheat-free sweets in Ravenswood

Back in 2010, we praised Joe Bova and Jeff Steinberg for abandoning West Coast waifs to open Cookie Bar, a calorie-laden Lakeview haunt.

Turns out the Hollywood mentality got under their skin: After flirting with gluten-free diets — neither suffers an intolerance but they felt immediate positive effects — the duo closed shop late last year and reconcepted. Last week they opened Cookie Bar 2.0, a gluten-free and sometimes-vegan version of the bakery, in Ravenswood.

Health fanatics, celiacs, and even those who eat wheat will revel in the tiny storefront’s offerings. In a sole pastry case, Mississippi Mud cakes, baked chocolate glazed donuts, double chocolate brownies, and peanut butter cookie sandwiches toggle for your attention.

cookie bar!

Bova and Steinberg avoid the typical wheat substitutes that have given gluten-free baked goods a bad name, opting for grain flours like amaranth, teff, hemp, and quinoa. The result: moist, light-as-air dinner rolls, toothsome cranberry pecan blondies, and crisp potato chip and chocolate chip cookies.

They cater parties and bake wedding cakes, too.

Truly raising the Bar.

Cookie Bar, 1746 West Wilson Avenue, at Hermitage Avenue (773-334-0300 or cookiebaronline.com).

cookie bar!

Photos: Julia Stotz for DailyCandy

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