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Get Your Fry On at Honey Butter Fried Chicken

Wing it at Avondale’s birdhouse

After much anticipation, Honey Butter Fried Chicken, the Avondale restaurant from Sunday Dinner Club’s Christine Cikowski and Josh Kulp (along with sous chef Cam Waron and partners/designers behind Kitemath), opens tomorrow at 5 p.m.

We’re so happy we could sing.

Honey (do do do do do do)
Oh, Butter Butter (do do do do do do)
You’ve opened your new spot
And you’ve got us hot to trot,

Butter (do do do do do do)
On fried chicken (do do do do do do)
Sounds wrong but tastes so right
Peeps will eat it noon and night.

We just can’t believe free parking is available
(We just can’t believe it’s true)
We just can’t conceive the sink is in the dining room
(Greasy hands are so taboo)

Oh, Butter Butter
Corn muffins on the side
Three Sisters’s meal’s bona fide.

When we ate your sides we knew how tasty sides could be
(Mac ’n’ cheese so garlicky)
Loved our kale and cabbage, and roasted zucchini
(Tomato sauce so spicy)

Oh, pour a little butter on our chicken
That finger-lickin’ Amish chicken
Wash it down with a drink
Liquor’s bird’s best friend, we think

When we sipped your tea we tasted hints of whiskey
(Death’s Door gets us hammered)
When we drank your wine we started feeling frisky
(Vineyjoy makes us stammer)

Oh, Butter Butter
Patio’s lookin’ fine
Indoors too — such swell design
Oh, Honey
Oh, sugar sugar
Dump cake does just the trick
Fresh fruit cobbler and cake mix

Honey Butter Fried Chicken, 3361 North Elston Avenue, at Roscoe Street (773-478-4000 or honeybutter.com).

honey butter fried chicken!

Photos: Kaitlyn McQuaid for DailyCandy 

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3361 N Elston Ave
@ Roscoe St
Chicago, IL 60618