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Go Click-Crazy over The Colossal Shop

A Chicago-based blog that’s our new shopping destination

Life-size origami elephants, edible chocolate art supplies, multistory murals in Berlin. This Is Colossal’s daily posts from December alone contain the stop-and-stare kind of content that makes us blow our morning deadline (don’t tell our boss).

Rogers Park-based Christopher Jobson launched the site in 2010 as a personal project to highlight groundbreaking work from artists and makers around the world. This summer, the former Web designer debuted The Colossal Shop, a marketplace that gives his rabid fan base (5 million monthly page views ain’t nothing) a more hands-on way to experience the eye candy he promotes.

Locally crafted items fill the virtual aisles: solar system lollipops from Vintage Confections, barrel stave shelves from Studio 1a.m., and plastic cocktail hip-stirs (get it?) by Matthew Hoffman. There’s room for items from more far-flung locales, like Sweden, but the goods are all stocked and shipped in town.

He’s got it down to a fine art.

Available at colossalshop.com, $4-$300.


Photos: Courtesy of The Colossal Shop