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Spice Things Up with Fat Rice Hot Sauces

Warning: These bottles will blow your mind

fat rice sauces!

What happens when the city’s hottest restaurant bottles its dish-transforming sauces? The world gets fired up.

At least we did when we heard what Fat Rice chef Abraham Conlon was up to. Faced with an extra half ton of piri-piri chili peppers from Seedling Farm, Conlon and his crew chopped and pickled till there were no more, then added a few key ingredients — vinegar, lemon juice, garlic, etc. — to create Fatracha (their take on Sriracha).

Four more sauces followed, each of which packs major punch. Green Dragon Kecap, from the tropical, ferociously hot aji amarillo chili, kicks up guacamole, green curry, or shrimp cocktail. Dip bread or baste chicken in Piri Piri Portugues, a table condiment in Portugal made from dried peppers soaked in brandy. Lucky Jerk gets its oomph from Scotch bonnet peppers plus elements found in classic steak sauce. And Diabo Ghost Pepper Sauce, a.k.a. liquid Jesus (“so hot it’ll make you start praying”), highlights the spiciest pepper on the planet in a thick blend that’s killer on everything from tacos to chili.

Buy the bottles, featuring labels by illustrator Sarah Becan, individually or as a full set.

If you can stand the heat.

Available at Fat Rice, 2957 West Diversey Avenue, at Sacramento Avenue (773-661-9170 or eatfatrice.com), $11-$15 each.

Photo: Kaitlyn McQuaid for DailyCandy

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