The Best Chicago Shops 2013

Where to spend your holiday money

chicago's best new shops!

We dropped an O in “Shoop” to highlight the new stores we love most around town. Go ahead and sing it with us (we know you know the words).

Here we go, here we go, here we go again
Girls, what’s our weakness? Threads!
Ok then. Shoppin’, shoppin’, shoppin’s our business (word)
We looked around, and we couldn’t believe this
We swear, we stared, you’ll be our witness
This year’s new stores had it goin’ on with somethin’ kinda
Wicked, wicked — had to kick it

We’re not shy so we asked for Union Handmade’s digits
And Roam — no, that don’t sate us
See Moon Voyage, slip slide to it, no fuss
Felt it in our hips, so we dipped back to VMR’s bag of tricks
Then we flipped for Market Supply Co, where the vintage is sick
Went through the racks, like a rack should be picked
Came to our senses and we chilled for a bit
Don’t know how Madewell does the voodoo that they do
So well it’s a spell, hell, makes us wanna shop, shop, shop

Judy Maxwell is packed and stacked, ’specially in the back
We wanna thank Fashion Outlets for rad savings like that
Can we get some shoes, especially black booties?
Go to Citizen Stone, where all the accessories are doozies
Tusk’s a shotgun — bang! What’s up with that tree thang?
We wanna know, how do those necklaces hang?
Straight up, wait up, hold up, all our ladies

2013, ya make us wanna shop.

chicago's best new shops!

Photos: Kaitlyn McQuaid for DailyCandy; Andrea Donadio for DailyCandy