Gift Wrap That Won’t Cost You a Penny

The Indo Projects gals show us how it’s done

Rather than get wrapped up paying for expensive paper, why not just use what you have at home? That same waste-not philosophy guides the work of Indo Projects, the design dream team of Crystal Grover and Linsey Burritt, who craft intricate installations out of recycled materials for clients such as Steppenwolf Theatre and The Merchandise Mart. Here’s how they turned what we would’ve thrown away into the prettiest little package in town.

X-Acto knife
Scotch tape
Magazine strips
White shopping bag

indo projects gift wrap!

1. Use scissors to cut a section from a shopping bag that’s large enough to cover your present. Cut about 15 strips of paper from a magazine featuring the color palette of your choice (we chose red and white). Cut a few larger pieces in the same palette.

2. Determine what area of the shopping bag will cover the top of the present; working on a rough surface, use an X-Acto knife to carve a group of small half circles into the paper. Open the half circles using the tip of the knife.

3. Flip the shopping bag over; tape the larger magazine pieces on top of the circle section so the designs will show through.

4. Wrap the box in the classic way.

5. To make a bow, stack the strips atop one another and wrap one end of the stack with tape. Use scissors to curl the strips as you would regular ribbon. Finish by taping the bow to the present.

Join the ladies at Unison Pop-Up Store, 1911 West Division Street, between Wolcott and Winchester Avenues, this Sunday from 1 to 3 p.m. for a gift-wrapping session. Proceeds benefit Brand New Beginnings. To learn more, go to theindoprojects.com.

indo projects gift wrap!

Photos: Stephanie Bassos for DailyCandy

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