Chicago’s Best Little Luxuries of 2013

From cheese to cleaning products, these goods brought us joy

best chicago little luxuries!

Beyoncé. Smoked sea salt marshmallows. Life is full of surprises. This year we discovered several treasures we certainly didn’t need but now can’t live without.

For achy bones, we dove into Swim Club salts.

Our hearts swelled with hometown pride over new Unison Home designs.

Thornburg and Company kindly brought us Bartlett pear jam with vanilla beans and riesling.

Blissful Home made us breathe easier.

We all screamed for Jeni’s ice cream.

best chicago little luxuries!

And impressed party guests with Wilks & Wilson Fine Elixirs.

We double-dipped in Mallory Meznarsic’s accessories line.

And milked our way to a free yearly Yankee Hollow subscription (in our dreams!).

Earth’s Healing Cafe rejuvenated our herb habits.

Middlewest made life more appetizing.

And Goest Perfume? It passed the smell test.

Photos: Courtesy of Swim Club Salts; Courtesy of Wilks & Wilson