Chicago’s Best Jewelry and Accessories of 2013

Gems, bags, shoes, and more

Our outfits are often accessories to our accessories. You follow? This year we discovered new gems we couldn’t wait to hang around our necks and drape over our shoulders. Here’s a shopping list so you can stay in step.

Recycled metal in the form of Clyde’s Rebirth necklace.

Italian leather handbag by D’andrea.

Playful, pretty, perfect-for-your-winter-getaway Ars sandals.

knot & spice!

Copper geometric necklace by Shikama.

Colorful Annabel Ingall cross-body handbag.

Turquoise and brass rings by Knot & Splice.

Cities in Dust brass and onyx necklace via Local Eclectic.


Photos: Courtesy of Annabel Ingall; Courtesy of Knot & Splice; Courtesy of Shikama