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Score Big with These Super Bowl Eats

Your official playbook for success on game day

Seahawks vs. Broncos blah blah blah. The super bowls we’re into are piled high with divine snacks. This year, up your game with a menu that involves new players (empanadas, salad) and requires zero kitchen prep — leaving you more time to focus on the important stuff, i.e., commercials.

First Quarter: Hummus Dip from RAW at the French Market
Kick things off with dip ($7) made from sprouted garbanzo beans and topped with extra virgin olive oil and cayenne spice. The vendor’s onion flatbread ($5) makes an ideal crunchy pillow for scooping. Call ahead and pick up Saturday from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

super bowl snacks!

Second Quarter: Salads from Little Goat
Avoid diet penalties with the diner’s new catering menu. Try the kohlrabi salad with fennel, Evalon cheese, roasted shiitakes, toasted almonds, and ginger dressing (small, $11; large, $50). There are also chickpea-kale, Asian, and various side salads ($20 for the 32-ounce size, serving 4 to 6; $40 for the 80-ounce size, serving 10 to 14). Order online at littlegoatchicago.com or at 312-600-9601 by Thursday ($200 minimum for deliveries, $50 for pickup).

Third Quarter: Empanadas from Cassava
Call a trick play with pockets of pastry heaven wrapped in cassava (yuca root) by owner and Ecuadoran native Jorge Flores. Unlike traditional wheat-based, fried empanadas, these baked beauties are tenderer and chewier. Go for fire-grilled chicken with Monterey Jack, bell peppers, carrots, and sweet potatoes or for a vegetarian option with marinara, mozzarella, mushrooms, peppers, and onions. Orders of ten ($25) or more (additional $3 each) come frozen (free delivery or for pickup). Just pop them in the oven for twenty minutes and serve.

super bowl snacks!

Fourth Quarter: Pigs in a Blanket from Floriole
Finish strong with crowd-pleasing bites ($24 for 20 to 24 piggies): mini chicken sausages enveloped in flaky puff pastry, smeared with grainy mustard, and baked until golden brown. Email cafe@floriole.com at least 48 hours before pickup.

Overtime: Super Bowl Sundae from Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams
Whether or not the game goes long, your fans will cheer for to-go pints ($12 each) of goat cheese with red cherries, Riesling-poached pear, and traditional dark chocolate. Drizzle generously with salty caramel sauce ($13) and gravel ($19 for three packs), a.k.a. crunchy toppings made from powdered-sugar donuts, graham crackers, and more. Order at jenis.com or pick up on the spot.

Photos: Courtesy of Little Goat; Courtesy of Floriole 

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