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Fill Up on Green Street Smoked Meats

The West Loop barbecue joint has us all fired up

green street smoked meats!

The early buzz surrounding Green Street Smoked Meats, the latest project from Brendan Sodikoff (Au Cheval, Bavette’s Bar & Boeuf, Maude’s Liquor Bar), makes planning a trip a no-brainer. Tackling the hungry crowds and hunky menu? Not so easy. Follow our recipe for a successful outing and only your taste buds will be overwhelmed.

The Ideal Meal
Serves anyone with a hearty appetite (the space accommodates 120)

Chartreuse Mule
Pulled pork sandwich, a hot link, plus tamales in a can
Broccoli salad, baked beans, and Frito pie
Soft-serve ice cream
Twinkly lights
Americana music
Casual clothes (boots optional)

green street smoked meats!

1. Spot the graphic mural that leads you down the alley shared by RM Champagne Lounge. Head through the second door on the left.

2. Divide and conquer the line by sending a pal to the bar for Chartreuse Mules (a gin twist on the Moscow). Or grab beer stashed in reclaimed sinks filled with ice.

3. Select your meat(s) — we went for juicy hot link sausage — then watch the butcher work his magic.

4. Scoot down to the sandwiches and sides station for a divine pulled pork sandwich (topped with cole slaw), tamales in a can (five to an order), Frito pie, and classic picnic accompaniments like creamy broccoli salad and tangy baked beans.

5. Swing by the sauce station for cups of coffee-infused Brown Thunder, sweet Leprechaun’s Tears, and spicy Texas Squeeze.

6. Parties of two to four should grab a table against the wall or sidle up to the three-sided bar. Casual communal seating serves the masses.

7. While you nosh, listen to classic country tunes and bask in the (twinkling) lights. Rustic modern decor (brick walls, corrugated metal, exposed beams) make this your stripped-down home away from home.

8. Finish with coffee-flavored soft serve or make a night of it with more cocktails.

9. Repeat steps 1 through 7 while anxiously awaiting the opening of fifteen-seat High Five Ramen in the basement, followed soon by Jack & Juice.

Green Street Smoked Meats, 112 North Green Street, between Randolph Street and Washington Boulevard (312-754-0434).

green street smoked meats!

Photos: Kari Skaflen / Courtesy of Green Street Smoked Meats 

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