Follow the Bieder

How many times, on those days when you’re just run off your feet, have you thought, “If only I could get my highlights done while shopping for Biedermeier furniture!”

Hey, we’ve all been there.

At Biedermeier Vienna/2109, a hair and antiques atelier, this unusual pairing leaps right out of your fantasies into a little shop on West Division. Owner and colorist Christopher Bozarth has a passion for Biedermeier (an austere-yet-elegant early-nineteenth-century furniture style that began as a backlash against the froufrou of the Napoleonic era), so he decided to sell pristinely restored, beautifully grained pieces right out of the same spot in which he gives clients natural-looking hair color. The combo may strike you as a little odd, but you won’t be complaining when you have something to browse other than year-old Vogues.

And whenever you can come home with touched-up roots and a perfectly restored hutch — well, we’d call that time wisely spent.

Biedermeier Vienna/2109, 2109 West Division Street, at Hoyne Avenue (773-278-2109).