Food & Drink

Take Two Bagels and Call Me in the Morning

You know what they say: Don’t go to the hardware store for oranges.

But definitely go to the pharmacy for pastrami.

From the outside Gordono’s Pharmacy in Andersonville looks like just another place to pick up your Prozac and panty liners. Until you notice the large “Kosher Style” sign. Turns out just inside is JB’s Deli, a real New York-style joint, serving up corned beef and lox flown in from the Empire state. JB’s also gets in a daily delivery from New York Bagel and Bialy on Touhy Avenue, a godsend for those who don’t want to drive to the ‘burbs for a decent piece of boiled bread.

So gorge away. Heartburn may ensue, but the Tums are just a few aisles away.

JB’s Deli in Gordono’s Pharmacy, 5501 North Clark Street, at West Catalpa Avenue (773-728-0600).