Secret Histories

Who hasn’t done it?

At a party, a colleague’s house, a date’s apartment … You go to the bathroom to freshen up. And there it is: the medicine cabinet.

Just begging for a snoop.

So you become a psychopharmaceutical Sherlock. Mr. Happy Hour uses generic Rogaine? Your best friend has eighteen anti-cellulite unguents? Your mom is still on the pill?

Sleuthing has its risks. The hinges could creak. Bottles could tumble out and crash loudly into the sink. (Quick! Flush. They’ll never know.)

And now for some safer voyeurism. Artist Coke Wisdom O’Neal did the dirty work for you and photographed the medicine cabinets of friends, relatives, and strangers. Unheard-of caches of Mario Badescu lotions, Preparation H, dentures, and Prozac — all in the name of contemporary art.

Guilt-free peeping. And a nudge toward a little editing in your own bathroom.

Medicine Cabinet (Portraits) is on view through June 5 at the Aron Packer Gallery, 118 North Peoria Street, between Washington Boulevard and Randolph Street, second floor (312-226-8984). To preview some of the photos, go to aronpacker.com.