Food & Drink

Wacky Tobacky

Remember the hookah?

It’s stored in the college file with your Lava lamp. Next to the Guatemalan tapestry and the Hacky Sack.

Time for a dusting. The trippy pipe is back — at the Sigara Hookah Cafe and Lounge. Fret not, global hipster. The vibe here is less Let’s Go Europe and more Bianca Jagger hanging in Marrakech.

Choose your toke from more than twenty kinds of tobacco (like cherry, jasmine, and lemon). And use the lingo: it’s shisha. (Resistance is futile; this flavored stuff is about to get big.) Everyone gets her own sterilized pipe, and nonsmokers get Middle Eastern tea and snacks. What to do while you’re smoking? Play backgammon, relax on the pillows, and ogle the belly dancers that perform Friday and Saturday nights. You might pick up a few moves.

All the better for that Hacky Sack showdown you’ve been meaning to plan.

Sigara Hookah Cafe and Lounge, 2013 West Division Street, at Damen Avenue (773-292-9190).