You Know You Got Sole

Aching feet. Sore arms. A vintage store dust-ball sneeze attack. Who ever said shopping was easy?

Time for a break — or better yet, a drink. What luck! An oasis appears. You kick up your heels and relax with a cocktail, cool tunes, and a comfy chair. And while you decompress, magical little elves polish your nails, buff and massage your feet, and perfectly arch your brows.

No, you aren’t stuck in an episode of Queer Eye. But you have found the Sole Nail Lounge. And it’s not the average mani-pedi joint. The theme is Moroccan, the vibe is low-key, and you just might find yourself hoping the staff becomes your new best friends.

As for having stumbled upon the best manicure you’ve ever had — well, just consider it another triumphant perk of discovery.

Sole Nail Lounge and Beauty Emporium, 1468 North Milwaukee Avenue, at Honore Street (773-486-7653).