Altered Expectations

You’ve been at it for hours. Failed attempt after failed attempt. Just as you’re ready to drop, you find the ideal jeans. The denim is stretchy. The pockets are right … and you swear they even make you look taller. They’re perfect.

Well, almost.

Maybe the hem is too long, the flare too wide? Come to think of it, they might look better with a strip of satin between the seams.

Good thing you’re shopping at Out of the West. Not only does the store carry dozens of styles like vintage Levi’s, Blue Cult, and AG, but tailor Anthony Sabounghi comes in once a week for alterations. He understands the emotional complexities of girls and jeans and has sacrificed many a pair (of his own) in search of the best way to nip waists and shorten inseams. You can even bring him your most beloved pair. He’ll know precisely what to do.

If only all men knew women so well.

Out of the West, 1000 West Armitage Avenue, at North Sheffield Avenue (773-404-9378).