Full Service

$2.45 a gallon? It’s enough to make you run screaming from the pump.

Ditch your wheels, make nice with the ozone, and use your feet. In other words, fill up at Pump instead. A new shoe boutique on the stretch of Division just west of Ashland, Pump sells an internationally savvy collection of kicks, hand-picked by owner Maureen Longua: Dolce Vita slides from Italy, LoLo Chavee lace-up espadrilles from Paris, and exclusive styles from Spanish designer Carlos Molina (co-designed by Maureen herself). While you’re there, check out the vintage-inspired bags from Glenda Gies and hand-crocheted Argentinean purses from Cuca Regueira. One look around and hoofing it will start to seem like the best way to travel.

And definitely preferable to highway robbery.

Pump, 1659 West Division Street, at Paulina Street (773-384-6750).