Go Ride a Kite

Forget the Hillside Strangler — come summer, the blader-biker bottleneck at North Avenue Beach can send even the most die-hard outdoor enthusiast into paroxysms of road rage.

Head north to Montrose Harbor for Chicago Kitesurfing instead. It’s the perfect adventure (think parasailing on the surface of the water — without the boat). Part windsurfing, part wakeboarding, all badass. You need wind and water — not waves — making Lake Michigan ideal for the sport.

The guys at Chicago Kitesurfing wedge you into your wetsuit, harness you to your kite, and strap you onto your kiteboard, all in your first lesson. The instructors are certified, but if you find safety in numbers, you can round up your pallies and schedule a group class.

Giving a whole new meaning to going off-road.

For more information, go to chicagokitesurfing.com.