If I Had a Hammer

The scene: Saturday. 3 p.m. Old Town Art Fair. You flirt with a watercolor of Chicago at dusk but keep walking. Buying art is a serious commitment. (And we know how you feel about that.) But then something in you stirs. And the next thing you know …

Saturday. 7 p.m. The living room. You’re down a chunk of change, and you can’t for the life of you figure out where to hang this thing. Big wall, little frame? Little wall, big frame? Why is this so confusing?

Relax, home improver. Commitments take effort. Call in Tom Robinson, a rent-a-guy with an eye for placement and home design. He’s a mixed-media artist (so he understands art) with a carpenter’s background (so he understands breaking plaster and hanging on brick). He’ll check out your pad, size up your walls, and decide what should go where, for $50 an hour.

So you can sit back and enjoy the view from the sofa.

Tom Robinson (773-477-7913).