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Grape Expectations

It’s destiny: Valhalla Wineshop is poised to be an instant classic.

Housed in a former Boystown travel agency, it looks more like a hipster’s dining room than your corner liquor store. But if wine shopping seems intimidating, don’t worry. At Valhalla, choosing a bottle is a hoot rather than a hassle. The 80 or so reasonably priced wines — most $15 and under, many from smaller producers — are accompanied by taste descriptions and (hello, gimmick!) paired with a celebrity descriptor. In a Billy Bob Thornton kind of mood? Grab California’s Red Truck: “raffish and approachable.” Feeling spunky? Choose Sin Zin Zinfandel: “cocky, loud, brash. Colin Farrell or anything Irish.” Can’t decide? Just ask the knowledgeable clerks. Local delivery is available, too.

If only choosing the movie after dinner were so easy.

Valhalla Wineshop, 3317 North Broadway Street, between Belmont Avenue and Roscoe Street (773-296-6800).