Food & Drink

Far and Away

Imagine an idyllic, exotic spot just far enough from the city to make you feel transported, but not completely cut-off from the world.

Oh. You’re not thinking about the suburbs, are you?

Well, we are. And we’re not talking strip malls, strollers, or SUVs. We’re talking about Miramar, the latest culinary venture from star chef Gabriel Viti (whose Gabriel’s just turned eleven, thanks much).

The sexy, laid-back space is every bit as cosmopolitan as its proprietor. Traditional French bistro fare and Cuban dishes are just the twists you’d expect from a restaurant that likes to defy expectations. Dig into pressed Cuban sandwiches with chicken, pesto, and fontina cheese or dive into a platter of escargots. Fine wines, beers, and sultry Latin American beats keep things loose, languid, and luxurious.

Dang, amazing what a little time out of the city can do for your soul.

Miramar, 301 Waukegan Avenue, Highwood (847-433-1078).