French 101

Sure, you speak French.

If “Hello, good-bye, thanks, my God!” can be considered a complete sentence.

Maybe it’s time to graduate to the next level.

Repeat after us: Âme. It’s a new Lincoln Park spa named after the French word for soul, and its approach to spa treatments is all about the take-a-load-off-and-stay-a-while experience. With a boutique on the lower level, a lounge on the main floor, and a sunny space up top for yoga, meditation, and classes, the entire renovated brownstone is put to good use. Laze about on a chaise as your fingers and toes are attended to. Stir things up with a belly-dance or salsa lesson. Sip cappuccino in the boudoir-inspired lounge with a gaggle of your bestest. (It’s also available for showers and private parties.) However you spend your time there, you’ll want to linger. And by the time you leave, you’ll definitely be convinced of one thing …

There’s way more to life than hello and good-bye.

Âme, 1006 West Armitage Avenue, at Sheffield Avenue (773-929-4999).