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No More Nightmares on Elm Street

It’s safe. You can open your eyes. The drunk bachelorettes have fled the spot that used to be Spike’s Rat Bar.

Elm Street Liquors has just moved in, and it’s now officially (and blessedly) a tulle-free zone.

It may be within spitting distance of Division Street and Mother’s-loving bar crawlers, but this is no typical Gold Coast hang. The décor is high-end, but the attitude is decidedly lowbrow: Miller High Life, venison jerky, and trail mix share equal billing with champagne and Vosges-covered almonds. Cheeky drinks like the Twentysomething and the Little Blue Pill poke fun at Chicago nightlife and the surrounding Viagra Triangle.

And are just the diversions you need to keep you going all night long.

Elm Street Liquors, 12 West Elm Street, between State Parkway and Dearborn Street (312-337-3200).