Wag the Dog

You know how it goes. You break it, you buy it.

So when you go gallery hopping, you hold your breath and tiptoe through — careful not to knock Priceless (2004) off a shelf and become the proud, inadvertent owner of a modern duct tape sculpture.

At Wag Artworks, however, you can feel free to exhale. You’re at the friendliest gallery in town. But what about that terrifying echo of haughty heels on white alabaster? Nope. Just cozy carpeted floors, a sunny white room, a lively puppy named Duncan, and pretty art with reasonable price tags (anywhere from $32 to $3,200). Handpicked, high-quality originals include electrifying pieces by George Colin (Oprah’s a fan), the lovely “Dress” series by local Marketa Sivek, and Mediterranean-inspired wearables by Portuguese jeweler Margarida Pimentel.

So touch the art. Pet the puppy. The only damage happening here is to your wallet.

Wag Artworks, 2121 West Division Street, between Leavitt Street and Hoyne Avenue (773-772-2922 or wagartworks.com).