Far Side of Paradise

The el is crowded, your shoulders are sore, and all you want is to get home and disinfect. But, surprise, surprise, surprise, looks like your tub needs a scrub as badly as you do.

Do you …

a. Get down with the 409 (yes, you).
b. Speed-dial Merry Maids.
c. Escape to Paradise.

Smart cookie. Paradise Sauna, a hidden gem in Albany Park, is just what you need. A Korean-run communal bathhouse, it’s like the anti-spa. Meaning no attitude, no froufrou trimmings, and no overpriced services. Feeling grimy and worn out? Indulge in a full-body scrub. Soak your sore limbs in the whirlpool. Sweat out toxins in the sauna. Finish off with a dip in the hot and cold pools. Germophobes need not fret: The water is changed daily. Which means that it’s all squeaky clean.

And that’s more than you can say for your tub.

Paradise Sauna, 2910 West Montrose Avenue, between North Francisco Avenue and North Richmond Street (773-588-3304).