Second Best

Many believe that trends start in New York and make their way to the Midwest.

Pfft. Whatever gets you through the day.

We’ve seen plenty of evidence to the contrary. Like Kristin Kahle’s belts. Made from vintage European-milled fabrics, with brass, wood, pearl, and lucite buckles, the one-of-a-kind designs are named after cities like Milan, Copenhagen, São Paulo, and San Francisco. Until now, Kristin’s creations were only available out West, but the Northwestern grad is making her first eastward move by staying a little closer to home: She’s bringing her belts to the Windy City first. (Maybe that’s because her Chicago style is such a stunner.) New Yorkers? Well, they’ll just have to wait a little longer for the trend to arrive.

Guess you might call it the winds of change.

Available at Red Head Boutique, 3450 North Southport Avenue, between Roscoe Street and Cornelia Avenue (773-325-9898). To see styles go to kristinkahle.com.