Natural Instincts

Biological clock? You? Ha!

Who needs something to love and nurture (tick, tick, tick) whose sweet smell (tick, tick, tick) brings a smile to your face (tick, tick, tick)?

Cuckoo! Cuckoo! Ding! Ding! Ding!

Relax, hon. You know what they say. Timing is everything. So, in the interim, satisfy such appetites at Orchids by Hausermann, the oldest and largest grower in the Midwest. The Villa Park wonder has four acres of beauties — big, butterfly-like phalaenopsis in lavender or white (spiced up with a hot-yellow center) or lacy cattleya in rich orange-red or green — all available for purchase from the greenhouse.

Okay, your thumb is more manicured than green? Attend one of their on-site seminars to familiarize yourself with orchid care so you can provide your new addition with a safe and happy home.

And with this little bundle of joy, you can still sleep in.

Orchids by Hausermann, 2N 134 Addison Road, Villa Park (630-543-6855 or orchidsbyhausermann.com).