Sucks to Be You

Adulthood can be a major chore.

Dirty laundry? Your problem. Weekly allowance? Yeah, right. Nap time? Not on company time.

Bring back the fun. Playfully retro shop Suckers Candy will have you turning cartwheels again, lickety-split. The mint-green walls and punchy pastel shelves were made to satisfy your sweet tooth — old-school style. All your faves are represented: Bottle Caps, candy necklaces, Double Bubble, and candy cigarettes. More mature taste buds can sample hand-made ice cream and gourmet chocolates. Go ahead and ride that sugar high all the way home with a few old-time toys to go, like paddleball and cork guns. The best news: Penny candy still costs just pennies.

Growing up may be unavoidable. But sucking it up is now a whole lot sweeter.

Suckers Candy, 3256 North Damen Avenue, at Melrose Avenue (773-549-1706).