X Marks the Spot

As it turns out, it’s possible to make too good an impression.

Like with your significant other’s folks. They’re so crazy about you they’ve had the two of you over for dinner three weekends in a row.

Take things down a notch with the proven parent-repellent: a tattoo. Not a real one. An airbrush job. Applied like the infamous spray-on tan, airbrush tattoos look like the real deal and stick around long enough to secure the desired effect (“That hussy!”), but without the searing pain — or the lifelong commitment. Whether you choose a rock-and-roll armband or a girlier heart or butterfly, it’s sure to give you that taste of rebellion your life’s been lacking.

As well as that much-needed nosedive in your future in-laws’ esteem.

Available at Channing’s Day Spa, 54 East Oak Street, between Michigan Avenue and State Street (312-280-1994).